List of Senior Citizen Centers in Newark, NJ that offer senior activities, education & services. Visit one today.

North Ward Center's Casa Israel Adult Medical Daycare Center
288 Mount Prospect Ave
Newark, NJ - 07104
(973) 481-6145 Website
St Mary's Villa
425 Sanford Ave
Newark, NJ - 07106
(973) 371-5711 Website
Advocate Housing Assisted Development
245 Pomona Ave
Newark, NJ - 07112
(973) 688-8701
South Ward Senior Citizens Center
731 Clinton Ave
Newark, NJ - 07108
(973) 373-8587
Nellie Grier Senior Citizen
98 Maple Ave
Newark, NJ - 07112
(973) 424-4096
Newark Friendly Senior Center
89 Lincoln St
Newark, NJ - 07103
(973) 733-5748
North Newark Senior Citizen
664 Broadway
Newark, NJ - 07104
(973) 485-5552
Baxter Senior Center
9 Summit St
Newark, NJ - 07103
(973) 733-5747

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Senior Citizen Centers

Maintain an active lifestyle by visiting these centers and keeping your mind and body busy.

Senior Citizen Center Managers:

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